Born in Louisiana, raised in Texas. I consider myself a happy Texan! I lived in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area for many years then migrated into central Texas. Later on I relocated to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina where I spent twelve amazing years. Now I’m back “home” in central Texas.

A large part of my life was being a single mom raising three amazing daughters.

Working in the corporate world for two decades, I decided to change careers. I found I have a deep passion for esthetics and how I can make a difference in peoples lives. This type of career suits my personality well as I love to educate and provide a sense of well being at the same time.

I have a new found joy though. Writing. As I’ve journaled throughout my adult life I found a part of me I didn’t know existed; creativity. This alone has led to writing about events of the most intriquing bittersweet story between a mother and daughter and life’s curveball challenges thrown their way.

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