Is It Time To Take Away Driving Privileges?

Back some time ago I did a post on how to get your loved one to stop driving.

As you probably already know, this is the hardest decision to make, and one that is very sensitive.

I want to share with you a recently released book on just this subject.

Dr. David Berstein, MD is board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. He wants what’s best for his patients, but he also wants to help family members with this difficult decision. His book, Senior Driving Dilemmas can be found here.

Dr. Bernstein has been recognized by AlzAuthors, which is a large resource for all sorts of information on dementia, caregiving, dementia care and much more. You can search their website here.

I hope you will take advantage of the information I’ve provided to help you decide if this is the time to take away the car keys.