When Is Enough, Enough?

A couple of weeks ago, our Governor lifted the mask mandate. Along with that he has allowed businesses to open 100%. I thought that was great news. However, many people who are filled with “fear” have balked against the news from the Governor.

I immediately thought of our loved ones who have been “locked down” and unable to be with family and other loved ones. Now, they are able to have visitors and can actually have human touch again.

Let me be clear about something. I’m not telling people to stop wearing masks if they feel they absolutely need to. But I am troubled by all the fear associated around not wearing masks. Do we want to continue to instill fear into our loved ones who probably didn’t understand in the beginning why they couldn’t have visitors? Now is a time to put that behind us and move forward.

Our main goal is to be back with our loved ones in person, not on the other side of a glass door or window. Human touch is so important even if you don’t have dementia.

Common sense tells us to stay home if we don’t feel well. We knew that before the virus hit, why would it be any different now? Again, if you feel the need to mask up in front of your loved ones, then do it. Just don’t stay away if you have the opportunity to see them in person. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so make the best of today!

Daylight savings time has begun, which is “spring forward”. Let’s do the same thing with our loved ones; spring forward and spend time with them. Catch up on all the things you’ve missed out on this past year. Leave the old behind and begin new; that’s what spring represents. . .a fresh start, newness.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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  1. Mike Fernandes · March 22, 2021

    Great message by my friend Linda. Let’s live again.

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