Today while perusing Pinterest (yes, I’m a fan!) I came across this quote. Reading it I thought what a great affirmation for Caregivers.


As caregivers it’s equally important to be strong and gentle at the same time. After all, strength is one of the many characteristics it takes to be in the role of a caregiver.

However, it’s more than just being “strong” in your role. It’s how you apply that strength in order to connect with the person you’re caring for. That’s where the “gentleness” comes in.

You might be thinking that your strength is all that gets you through each day. That may be true. But stop and put yourself in your loved ones shoes. How much strength has it taken for them to get through an hour of a day or even ten minutes trying to get dressed?

When a caregiver shows strength and gentleness at the same time, they can usually get their loved one to cooperate a little easier. Using your strength with a calming voice (gentleness) goes a long way not only for you but your loved one as well.

It takes a lot of energy to be a caregiver, I know, I used to be that person. I can honestly say it took all my strength every single day, but I also found that I couldn’t just be “strong”, I had to be as gentle as possible in order to deal with the task at hand. I’m not saying it’s easy to combine the two, but once you do you’ll see a change take place with your loved one.

Maybe you are the personality type that thinks because you lack patience you can’t be gentle. Honestly, even if  you’re not the patient type you can still be gentle. The old saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”, has never been more true for a caregiver. Try and remember that the next time you become frustrated with your loved one.

If you struggle with strength and gentleness, let the above quote be your new affirmation. For those of you who already combine the two, be grateful!


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