Today, the day after Christmas, I just felt like sharing some personal thoughts.

Christmas Eve was the anniversary of my Mother’s passing in 2011. I realized I had not been in a “funk” about that day fast approaching; quite the contrary. I knew I was going to be with my family that evening; starting it off with a beautiful song-filled candlelight service.

I was enjoying all the beautiful caroles just “being” in the moment when Silent Night was the next song the worship team began singing. As everyone joined in with those beautiful words, my mind drifted for just a brief moment and I felt a little twinge in my heart. Silent Night was the song I sang to my Mom in her last hours.

For the first time in three years I didn’t feel sad about Christmas Eve. The twinge I felt was more of a longing than anything. Yes, there are times I still wish I could see or talk to my Mom, yet I felt like she was with me for that brief moment while singing Silent Night.

This is something I wrote while sitting with Mother the night she went to heaven:

A Christmas Gift

 A special gift this time of year

Usually brings joy and lots of cheer

But tonight is different, it’s more like tears

My emotions are bittersweet and not the norm

For while my loved one has moved on I will mourn

I prayed for the day that she would be free

Free to laugh and talk and joke and just be

How joyous she must be right now

To be singing praises with the angels to the One on High

It’s Christmas Eve and there’s peace all around

The room is filled with a low warm light

While angels are singing throughout the night

Silent Night, Holy Night all is calm all is bright

The Christmas gift has been given…sleep in heavenly peace




4 thoughts on “Silent Night, A Holy Night

  1. Linda,
    That is a very touching story. I appreciate your willingness to share such precious moments. I want you to know that your words touched me. I have a younger brother who had a traumatic brain injury when he was young and he has a seizure disorder. On Christmas Eve my sister had to take him to the ER because he was having frequent small seizures and he had a migraine. They gave him medicine in the hospital and sent him back home. That night the migraine came back and he was seizing again. My sister took him back to the ER on Christmas day. This time they gave him a prescription for the migraine and told us to make sure he doesn’t miss any doses of his seizure medicine.

    Since my sister did the whole emergency room thing twice I took over caring for my brother at my sister’s house. He had trouble keeping his meds down and he didn’t have much of an appetite. While I was trying to get him up so he could eat something and take his medication I was getting impatient. It took a good 10 to 15 minutes before he was able to sit up on the edge of the bed. While I was handing him his pills one by one I had a thought. My thought was about you and how difficult it must have been to watch your mother’s health decline and try to meet all of her needs while still taking good care of yourself. Immediately I stopped complaining in my head. What I was doing was nothing compared to what you had to do. So thank you for sharing and know that you are touching and helping people.


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