In my first post I referred to starting life over in my sixties. Now the question posed is: Doing what? I’m still figuring that one out!

I am still working in the spa industry, specifically in skin care. This has been my passion for the last 16 years. There’s always something new, innovative and challenging in this industry. Not only that, I derive instant gratification from helping people with their skin. Teaching a holistic approach to healthy skin isn’t exactly “new” although it is new to many people who are just beginning to pay attention to what’s going on with how their skin looks.

I do realize this is a career that takes a toll on your body, more importantly on the hands. As with most careers, using your extremities and repetitive motions, joints start to hurt, carpal tunnel can become an issue and don’t forget arthritis.

I’ve given all of the above a lot of thought and I must admit, I’m having a hard time even thinking about closing the door on this career.

I have always enjoyed writing but never pursued it in college. It never occurred to me to pursue it for whatever reason. Strange.

Rather recently I have what I refer to as my “driving feelings” moving me towards pursuing writing. I’ve dabbled a little with poetry in past years but only for my own satisfaction.

After my mother passed away I went through grief counseling. All the years I was her caregiver I kept a journal. Journaling was mostly to give me peace and a place where I could privately reflect on each day I experienced with her.

There’s something to be said about journaling; it’s therapeutic. Three years after mother’s passing I was encouraged to write about the journey I had with her. And so I have done just that. I have found writing a memoir about my journey was, and still is, very healing. I discovered another reason as I was writing this memoir…to help other families and caregivers going through a similar situation.

Here’s a quote I read recently that resonated with me: “We can’t control what life throws our way, but we can control how we react to it.” Viktor Frankl , Author of: Man’s Search for Meaning


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